simple question - Grandstream GS-GXV3504
  • Does SecuritySpy work with this video-capture device? If it does, we'll buy SecuritySpy.

    Thank you.
  • Hi - yes SecuritySpy does work with this IP video server. You can find the full list of supported video servers at SecuritySpy Installation Manual - Network video servers.
  • I wanted to add to the discussion, as there is really no information how to configure the GrandStream GXV3504.

    In my case, I am test SS to do all the capturing, motion detection, et al. I still wish to send a secondary stream to my automation system, which has integrated cameras, thus having a single point of access for the automation interface is my personal requirement.

    The only way I could get SS to view the cameras was as follows:
    **** On the GrandStream GXV3504:
    - Option 1 (Easy, Novice, First Time User):
    - Video & Audio
    L 4 * D1 (Enable via Check Box)
    Choose any H264 Configuration
    Choose H264 + (Second stream if you happen to need that for another app)

    - Option 2 (Expert Level):
    - Video & Audio
    L 4 * D1 (DO NOT Enable via Check Box)
    L Channel 1 (Use same for all channels, or modify as needed for camera/usage/needs)
    - Channel 1 Video Settings
    - Primary Stream Settings
    - H264,
    - Resolution, Bitrate, Fram Rate, CBR/VBR, I Frame Rate = As desired as you should know what you are doing.
    - Secondary Stream
    - Choose what is needed, as an expert will understand why they want a secondary stream.

    **** On SS:
    - Settings -> Video device settings
    - Create a Video device for each of the 4 streams
    - Each Device includes the same IP address of the GrandStream Device
    - HTTP: 80, RTSP: 554, Format: H.264
    - Input Number = 1,2,3,4 (this is for the channel you wish to view)
    After each device has been created, you can simply change the Name of the Device so you know each stream.
    - Settings -> Camera settings
    - Camera Name: **Edit this so you know each stream, eg: Input 1, Door, Patio, etc.***
    Then the generic name of ###.###.#.# ip address is changed so you know the actual Video Stream.

    Hope this helps.

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