Safari on iphone doesn't let me select a camera from web interface
  • I can log into the web interface fine, but when I try to select a camera, the selector keeps bouncing back to "0 Items."
  • Hi - unfortunately this is a bug in iOS - if you do a google search for "iOS multiple select bug" you will see lots of people experiencing this issue with lots of different web sites. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to fix this, we just have to wait for Apple to address the bug.

    The workaround is as follows: click the menu and make your selection, then click Done. Then click the menu again, and click Done immediately without changing the selection. The menu will then show the correct selection.

    Hopefully Apple will fix this soon as it's been a bug for several months now.
  • work fine with ios 7.1 !
  • Finally it's fixed!

    We did include a workaround in the SecuritySpy 3.3 update released last week. Sorry for not doing this earlier, we figured that Apple would fix it soon considering what a significant bug it was, but it took them a long longer than we expected!

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