Upgrading Ethernet to Gigibit
  • As I've initiated a new IP PoE Security System I'm upgrading from a 10/100 ethernet to 1000mb or Gigibit. Presently my Mac's have the capacity for gigibit, the cables are either Cat5e or Cat6, the IPS modem hs the capacity to push 3 Gigs, the only thing slowing me down was my Netgear Router. So I'm embarking on the course to upgrade to a new Netgear R7000, thinking about future needs and hoping to get out in front of the curve. I just don't want my LAN trunkline to be the cause of poor security camera operation.

    Question: There is a USB 3 plug on the Router and I was wondering if by chance I could use it to store captured streams from my cameras using security spy....somehow...?
    Could pre-compressed files be served through the router without needing to be stored through the already taxed Mac?
    I guess I'm just looking for the upside of having a USB 3 on a Router.
  • The Netgear R7000 looks like a nice device. The USB ports are for connecting hard drives or printers and having them available to the network.

    As far as I can tell, it is possible to connect a hard drive to the router via USB, and mount it on your mac as an SMB drive. However SMB is a Microsoft/PC protocol and while it's supported on a Mac, it isn't recommended for use with SecuritySpy - we would always advise you to use the more mac-friendly AFP protocol. With SMB, SecuritySpy should be able to write its captured files to the drive, however you may find that the auto-delete functions don't work.

    If you want SecuritySpy to record files to a network drive, I think you're much better off going for an Apple AirPort Extreme or a Synology NAS, both of which support AFP and are very Mac-friendly.

    In any case, using a network drive in this way don't reduce the processing that your Mac has to do. If you don't need to use a network drive for any particular reason, it's better to use a drive local to the Mac (built-in or connected by USB/FireWire/Thunderbolt) as this gives you a faster and more reliable connection to the drive.

    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks,
    Perhaps I should have mentioned that the Mini has Maverick server software, which I was hoping would serve the AFP-SMB issues, so that the router could be used by other platforms. This article at Ars helped in that regard.
    I've no problem using Firewire drives, I would be happy to put some back into service, but since Apple is moving away from Firewire I have begun to as well.
  • Hi Juan,

    It's true, the SMB server implementation is improved in Mavericks. However we haven't done exhaustive testing on this ourselves so if you do go for this solution it would be interesting to hear your feedback.
  • Will do Ben.

    Is there anything I should know, specific to Maverick Server/ Security Spy software? Advantage-Disadvantage?....

    The only task this Mini will have will be serving these cameras. I do have an out of service Airport Express that could be placed inline, perhaps in Guest mode, if that is at all useful.

    Thanks again!
  • Hi Juan - there's nothing specific related to using SecuritySpy on a Mac mini running Mavericks Server. It's a perfect setup for SecuritySpy and I'm sure you'll be happy with the results!

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