Best camera for baby monitoring?
  • Hi everyone

    I am out looking for at good to the price camera to use first as a baby monitor, then later to as house monitor.
    I started here:
    and nr. 1 at the list, Dahua Technology IPC-HFW2100, looks like a good pick.

    Do you think this will be a good choice for my situation? Or do you have a better one?

    Are there any light from the camera in night mode? (I have a cheap $50 camera from china, that give a low dim red light when in night mode, and this is not good for a baby monitor.

    Thanks for you help

  • I have had good luck using the Axis M10 series of cameras for such remote viewing applications. They work well with SecuritySpy. These cameras have available features such as two way audio, an integrated PIR sensor to detect motion even in total darkness, and a remotely controlled (white) nighttime illuminator, which works pretty well on the area directly in front of the camera.

  • That is a very nice camera, the price point is a bit high compared to the Dahua model.

    But thanks for the featback :)
  • Hi Anders,

    The Dahua is probably not the best choice for a baby monitor as it doesn't have audio capabilities, which you will presumably need (otherwise it's a great camera). For a simple compact camera with night-vision and audio, the Zavio F3110 and the Vivotek IP8336W both seem to fit the bill.

    Infra-red LEDs in cameras do tend to glow red if you look closely. This is because they use near-infrared light, and the human eye does retain some sensitivity at these wavelengths. Longer wavelengths would be more invisible however the sensitivity of the camera's sensor also drops as the wavelength gets longer, hence you will probably not find any general-purpose cameras with totally invisible IR LEDs.

    Hope this helps.

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