Low frame rate with Dahua Camera
  • Dahua IPC-HDB3200C 2MP HD Security Camera - 1080p OUTDOOR Dome IP CCTV Camera 3.6mm Lens

    I have 2 of the camera model listed above. The first one seems to work fine but the second, which is actually the 4th in the system, will not maintain anything above 1fps. I have set both cameras up the same (manual and dahua technology) and have logged in to each camera individually to confirm all of the settings match and they do. When I log in to the problem camera through my browser the live image is real time but security spy still runs with 1fps. I have tried restarting the problem camera to no avail. running on 2013 iMac
    Has anyone ran in to this problem or know what I am doing wrong? Thanks for reading.
  • Update: FPS seems to ramp up on its own for the problematic camera. Seems like the camera might be the issue but when I log in to the camera's IP the image is very fluid and consistent even with the browser window open next to security spy the browser stream is full resolution and speed and security spy is not. all other cameras work fine.

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