Foscam FI9805W, Dual Stream
  • I have many Foscam FI9805W cameras that I would like to use with SecuritySpy AND direct mobile access. The camera is stated to have two mobile streams; a Main Stream and a SubStream. The direct access from iOS devices is a requirement so I'm not looking for alternative solutions.

    I have set the Substream to use MJPEG using the following recommended method:

    the the browser returns:


    Then I use the following to access the camera:


    So, in that regard all is well. I can stream MJPEG to my 3rd Party App and Firefox (Not Safari which doesn't seem to support MJPEG).

    My Questions:

    1. What is the proper setup for the MainStream for use with SecuritySpy 3.2.1 and later ?
    2. I'm reading conflicting information on the use of UPnP on this camera. What is best for SecuritySpy 3.2.1 and later ?
    3. Does anyone have insight into why MJPEG seems to hang with Safari Browsers?



  • I answered my own question for the Main Stream for the FI9805W:

    I used:

    Foscam FI9802W, FI9821W
    HTTP Port: 88
    RTSP Port: 88
    Format: H.264 RTSP

    The solution was that I had not specified an RTSP Port in Video Device Settings for that camera.

    I don't know if this is intentional in SS or not, but the way I discovered this is that on a whim, I decided to leave the port settings in Video Device Settings "blank" and then I appended the Port number to the IP address in the address field; After I clicked "OK", SS populated both the HTTP Port field and the RTSP Port field.

    Still wondering about the Safari and UPnP issues.


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