Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I Power supply for POE
  • Hi

    Can anyone help me out i'm new to POE.
    I've ordered this switch that comes with a 48V power supply.

    Am I right in thinking I need to order a 12V power supply for this?
    What amperage do I need for 2-3 cameras?

    Many Thanks Phil
  • Hi Phil,

    The device you linked to is not actually a switch, it's a PoE injector. So you would use it in conjunction with a non-PoE switch in order to power your cameras. For each camera you would have an ethernet cable going from a port on the switch to a LAN port on the injector, then a cable going from the corresponding PoE port on the injector to the camera.

    As advice for anyone else, it's generally easier and more convenient to get a switch that has built-in PoE (Netgear makes lots of high-quality models). However if you already have a switch in place that you want to keep using, a PoE injector is a good inexpensive solution.

    In any case, all standards-compliant (802.3af) PoE devices use 48 volts or thereabouts, so this device will work with your Hikvision cameras and you will NOT need to purchase a different power supply.

    Hope this helps!
  • Thanks Ben

    I was just unsure about the 48V and 802.3af element.
    Plus I only have one Hikvision at the moment and didn't want to fry a new camera.

    Cheers Phil

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