Motion Detection Sensitivty Bar
  • After upgrading from v2 to v3.2.1 I'm unable move the small vertical red line to modify the amount of motion that would trigger recording (in the camera settings dialog box). I can still modify the sensitivity levels from 0-100. With the previous SS version, I could adjust motion level with the 4 camera I use (AXIS, Panasonic, Tenvis and DB Power). I appreciate any suggestions and love SecuritySpy. Thank you.
  • Hello! In 3.x we removed the ability to change the trigger level (the red line).

    This is because the trigger level and the sensitivity setting were two ways to achieve the same thing in version 2.x, and having two settings for one thing was unnecessary, and confusing for users.

    So the thing to do now is simply adjust the sensitivity setting until triggering is consistently correct (i.e. the motion level exceeds the red line when something is moving in the video image, and doesn't otherwise). The default setting of 50% sensitivity should be OK for the vast majority of situations, however you may need to adjust this if the image is unusual (especially light, dark, noisy etc.).

    Hope this helps.
  • OK, that does make sense. Thank you for the explanation and speedy reply!

    You really take great care of your userbase, Ben.

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