motion detection recording
  • hi all

    i'm trialling SS at the moment and have set up the ip cameras. i've also configured the motion detection settingsā€¦

    - in setup tab, camera enabled and motion detection enabled are ticked
    - in motion capture tab, i've ticked capture movie when motion is detected
    - i've accepted the default recording location

    there aren't any recording files in the cameras folders, would someone be able to advise what i'm doing wrong.

    thanks in advance.

  • Hi Jerry, it simply sounds like you need to set the camera to Active mode (use the Control menu, the Camera Status window, or right-click on the camera video image).

    Passive mode is basically viewing-only; you need to set the camera to Active mode for all the capture features you have set in the Camera Settings window to be activated.

    Hope this helps.

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