HikVision POE problems?
  • Having a problem with my cameras relative to my recent installs of my Hikvision DCD2032 cameras

    I setup and tested both cameras at my POE switch and they both worked. I took off over the holidays to get them installed and now I'm having a peculiar technical problem that I hope you guys can help me with. As I said both cameras tested out fine with my POE switch and 6' Cat-5e cables. I went to install them in their locations outside using 75' Cat-5e cable runs. Cam 1 came up just fine, but Cam 2 would not. I tested Cam 2 by placing it on the cable for Cam 1 and it still would not work. Just to be sure, I tested Cam 1 on the cable for Cam 2 and it worked. At this point, I am sure both cables are fine and I assume a problem with Cam 2. I place Cam 2 on a 6' piece of cable and it worked.

    So at this point I am assuming that Cam 2 has some kind of power problem, but would like your input. Has anyone seen something like this and is there some other "trick" I can try to get Cam 2 online?
  • This sounds very strange. My first reaction is that it's a cable problem, but you seem to have ruled this out. Still, it might be worth cutting off and re-crimping the RJ45 connectors at each end of each cable, just in case there is something intermittent going wrong with these.

    Unfortunately there are no LEDs on the back of these particular cameras that tell you if they are receiving power or not, but if you cup your hands around the front of the camera and peek through a hole in your fingers you should be able to see a faint glow of the IR LEDs at the front, which will tell you if the camera is receiving power or not. So connect both cameras and try this - this will tell you if the problem lies with the PoE or not.

    If you determine it's a PoE problem, then the router may be at fault - try a different router or use a separate PoE injector if possible.

    You could also try general troubleshooting issues such as upgrading the camera firmware. Also make sure that both cameras are set to use different IP addresses (if they were set to use the same, only one would show up, which is similar to what you are describing).

    Hope this helps, please report back and let us know what you discover!

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