D'link DCS-2132l no audio in recordings after switching to MPEG4
  • After switching from H.264 to MPEG4 to stop a software crashing issue I have noticed that I am inconsistantly getting audio with my videos. Any thing I can try to get the audio to be more consistent?

    How should I set the audio? I have the option for G.711 and G.726, does one work better with securityspy than the other?
  • Hi Marc, this isn't a known problem. SecuritySpy supports both G.711 and G.726, but due to the fact that G.726 isn't supported by QuickTime, and therefore SecuritySpy cannot capture it directly to movie files, SecuritySpy converts the G.726 video to G.711 format internally anyway. So if you have a choice, choose G.711 because then SecuritySpy has to do less work.

    It's not immediately obvious why you might be getting intermittent audio. The first thing to check is that you are using the latest version of SecuritySpy. If that doesn't fix it, please email us the Log file from your ~/Documents/SecuritySpy/ folder and we will take a look.

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