Capture Destination
  • I have defined the destination for motion capture movies as a share on a Time Capsule. I have noticed that if I use finder to view the destination location before I start the application it's happy to write to the share. If however I start SecuritySpy immediately after a reboot/logon it will often say it can't find the defined destination and default to the local documents folder. I suspect Finder is using cached credentials but I don't know if I can setup SecuritySpy to try a little harder when it looks for the share on the network ?
  • Hi Dave,

    When SecuritySpy starts after a computer reboot, it's probably the case that the Time Capsule disk hasn't fully mounted on the computer yet, hence SecuritySpy reverts to the default destination on the local drive.

    When the disk comes back online, SecuritySpy will switch back to it, however this may take some time as it will only switch back after the camera(s) are switched to Passive and then Active mode.

    I think the best solution here would be to write a small AppleScript:

    delay 20
    tell app "SecuritySpy" to activate

    Save this script as an Application, and have it open at login instead of SecuritySpy.

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