Easy mac-mini config of outdoor, IR, POE camera (dome/bullet...)
  • Any advice on cameras that are Mac friendly (plug and play?). I've configured two Toshibas to work with SecuritySpy, but it was quite the ordeal and not an adventure I'm ready to revisit. Hats off to SecuritySpy because once the camera is on the network, the rest is easy.
  • Cameras do vary in their Mac-friendliness. Very frequently we see cameras that obviously haven't been tested on a Mac at all, because parts (or all) of their web interface doesn't work in Mac browsers! If you stick to certain brands though you shouldn't have any problems: Axis, Vivotek, Y-cam off the top of my head (I'm sure many others work well on a Mac but these are the ones I have the most direct experience with).
  • High end - Axis
    low end - the mole and trendnet work. I use both at home. I have one client with 30 mole cameras, and a client up with 30 trendnet a and 7 Axis.

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