Seeking IP Camera with Integrated Thermometer, such as Lorex LNC72B
  • Hi, Ben, hi Everyone. I would like an IP camera with an integrated thermometer that can send alerts when temperatures move outside a specified range. I've been demoing the Lorex Live Ping wireless IP camera and it has a lot of features.

    The camera is viewable on iOS and Mac OS X with companion viewing applications (Ping, L-View.) While the camera settings may be administered in the Safari browser, unfortunately it seems viewing the camera's image in a web browser requires Active X. So, I'm thinking this camera is not going to work with SecuritySpy?

    Ben, if you have any interest at looking at the camera's admin side on my network, I'll forward you log in credentials privately.

    Best from Chris
    SecuritySpy Reseller
  • Hi Chris,

    I haven't come across any cameras with integrated temperature sensors before. Does the Lorex Live Ping camera have this? I can't tell from its specifications on Lorex's web site.

    I'm confident we can get the camera working in SecuritySpy. The first thing to try is this:

    - In the Video Device Settings window in SecuritySpy, create a new network device.
    - Set the device type to "Manual".
    - Enter the camera's IP address but leave the Port field empty.
    - Enter any username/password for the camera
    - Select "RTSP" from the Format menu.
    - Leave the Request box empty

    If that doesn't work, please send me login details for the camera so that I can test it from here (please forward both port 80 and port 554 to the camera).

  • Hi, Ben. Yes the Lorex Ping HD camera does have an integrated temperature sensor and the cam view page has live time, date, and temperature, very handy!

    I tried setting up a new device as you suggested but didn't immediately make a successful connection in SS. I'm forwarding login info to you separately.

  • Hi. I am revisiting this topic because I would like to determine whether we can connect to this camera in SecuritySpy. If not, I will be returning the cameras for a refund.

    I was on the phone with Lorex Support this morning and I don't know if it's true or not, but they told me there is no way to view the camera's stream in a web browser-- the only way to view the camera's stream is via the Ping application in iOS or L View on Mac OS X or Windows.

    Wondering, Ben, if you have any feeling about this or have time to take a quick look at the Admin side of the camera on my network prior to me returning the cameras?


  • Hi Chris,

    Sorry I wasn't able to resolve this for you before. I'm not sure why it doesn't work with the settings I described above. I see that you've sent me an email with access details for your camera - I'll reply to that now.

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