External destination with 19 cams
  • Hi,

    My customer has connected 19 cams on his mini server (i7 - SSD). I have setup an external Lacie 4Big 12TB (Raid 5 - firewire interface) as destination disk for the captured movies. Unfortunately the disk loses connection at random with the mini server.
    I tested the external disk on a different system when copying 2TB files. Here no problem at all ...

    I tested also with USB 3.0. I've got the same behavior...

    What's wrong here? Is this disk not fast enough for 19 cams?

    Best regards!

  • That's a lot of cameras going through one bus. Since it's a mini server, any chance of using the second internal hdd to hold some of the cameras?
  • Have you looked at the output from system.log/system messages in Console.app around the time of the drops? I would suspect if a FW/USB-connected device is timing out or otherwise behaving badly the OS should log at least something about it. This may give you a clue or hint as to what's happening, or possibly help rule out hardware issues.

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