power outage/user switching question
  • I have an imac setup to run Security Spy from my main admin account. As I also use this account to access work I password protect it (and screen saver) and others in the house can use a different account set up for them. I have seen that when users switch to a different account from mine the SS web- server continues to function so that even if left in that other account the system continues to perform. That is great. My question is about power outages and/or restarts.

    As I have it setup now Security Spy will configure when I log into my account which means I would need to enable auto login for my account in the case of a power outage. I am reluctant to do that as it leaves my account/email etc. open on a power reset/restart.
    Would a better way be to create another user and install the Security Spy App there and have this new account be set to auto login. If so how do I transfer the pref file to this new account so that I don't need to redo setup?

    As I am still on the demo I wanted to get this figured out before registering/purchasing the app.

    Thanks in advance
  • There are two solutions here. One is to run SecuritySpy on a separate user account that logs in automatically, as you suggest. We have a FAQ about the settings file which will enable you to move SecuritySpy over to this secondary account and retain all your current settings.

    Alternatively, run SecuritySpy on your main account as you do at present, and use the "login script application" described in this FAQ to auto-open upon startup, which will put your Mac back to the login screen automatically upon restart or power outage.

    Hope this helps.

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