Upgrading from v.2.x to 3.x
  • Hi!

    So I just purchased the upgrade and didn't see any discussion about importing all my settings into the new version. I tried the obvious stuff. Installing it installing the license code and looked around for an import function. Any tips?

    Thanks so much!!

    -- Craig
  • Hi Craig,

    When you upgrade from any older version of SecuritySpy to any newer version, all your settings should be retained. Was this not the case? As long as it's installed on the same user account on the same computer, this should be work.

  • It was not the case, sadly. My version 2.0.8 works fine. If I quit and launch the new version 3.0.4 it acts like an absolutely fresh install. They are all installed in /Applications. The OS X firewall is off. Version 2.0.8 knows about the cameras and they are working just fine. Perhaps it's a permissions thing? Where does SS store is settings? And what should the perms be for the app/settings files?
  • Hi Ben,

    The more I play with it the more I am convinced that SS 3.0.4 isn't reading the SecuritySpy Preferences DB's If I launch 2.0.8 I see a change in the modification time stamp. With 3.04 there is no modification change. It seems 3.0.4 either does not know about them or is ignoring them. They are located in ~/Library/Preferences/. I've even downloaded 3.0.4 again from your server to see if I had a bad download and get the same result. Hope you slept well!

    -- Craig
  • Hi Craig,

    I see what you mean, the situation is slightly complicated in that there are different versions of the prefs file for different versions of SecuritySpy.

    SecuritySpy 2.0.8 uses the prefs file "SecuritySpy Preferences v58", whereas SecuritySpy 3.0.4 uses the prefs file "SecuritySpy Preferences v66".

    An older version of SecuritySpy cannot read the prefs file created by a newer version of SecuritySpy, however a newer one can read the prefs created by an older one. The different prefs versions allow you to use a newer version of SecuritySpy while still having the option to go back to the older version without losing all your settings.

    So if you only have a v58 prefs file, SecuritySpy 3.0.4 will read the settings from it. However if you have any prefs file that is more recent, SecuritySpy 3.0.4 will ignore the v58 prefs file and read the newer one.

    So if you want SecuritySpy 3.0.4 to read all the preferences from your SecuritySpy 2.0.8 version, you need to delete (or move) any prefs file which has a version number higher than v58.

    Hope this helps!
  • BAM! That worked like a charm!!!

    Thanks Ben!!

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