Mac Pro 5,1 and OpenCore
  • I decided today to upgrade my Mac Pro 5,1 to Catalina (using Dosdude1 patched installer). Afterwards, I installed OpenCore to enable a boot screen for my unpatched AMD Radeon RX 850 metal card. One of the features of OpenCore is enabling AMD H264 / HEVC hardware decode + encode in Mojave or later. I don't recall SecuritySpy's exact CPU usage prior to OpenCore, but I think with all 13 cameras being viewed, usage was probably around 40-50%. After installing OpenCore, SecuritySpy CPU usage is hovering around 1.5%. That's quite a big boost in performance. Right now, I'm just viewing the cameras on the Mac Pro since recording is done via my Mac Mini. I'm curious, if I move my license copy of SS back to my Mac Pro, would SS benefit from this performance boost when recording video.
  • This is impressive - sounds like you are getting great performance with this setup. Decompression is the main processor-intensive task that SecuritySpy has to do, so if you've already achieved the viewing of 13 cameras at a very low CPU usage, you have already solved this problem. Assuming that you are recording the camera streams as-is (i.e. you have the "Recompress video data" option turned OFF under Preferences > Cameras > Device), adding recording won't significantly increase CPU usage beyond what you are currently seeing.

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