• Any plans for supporting PIP in TVOS 14? It'd be great to be able to have SS in a PIP window while watching TV or when I've got a workout (TruCoach) up on the display in my gym.

    Even better in the future... Be able to have a PIP pop-up based on some event. :-)
  • Some other feature requests for TVOS:

    - Ability to disallow viewing of captures. Configurable from main SS app for each ATV. E.G., for guest room ATV's we'd not want them to be able to review captures but we do want to allow it on our own ATV's.

    - Black lines between multiplex images (ideally configurable width and/or color)

    - Ability to select groups of cameras to view. Ideally configurable from the main app so that from a security standpoint you can limit what cameras any ATV can see. Similar to above, guest rooms would be limited for security. Kitchen might have only 3 cameras that are most important to monitor, etc.

  • PiP would be a nice feature, we'll take a look at this now that it's possible.

    In terms of permissions, this can already be achieved by setting up different accounts in SecuritySpy's Web settings, and using these different logins in the different Apple TVs.

    Groups support has already been added to the iOS app - the tvOS app is a bit behind but we're planning to update it soon to match most of the new functionality.
  • Thanks Ben. I created a couple of new login ID's with limited camera access. However, in the TVOS app, how do I log out the current user? I cannot find a logout. Even when I deleted the app and reinstalled it automatically logged in as me with full access.

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