Foscam FI8910W audio
  • I can't get audio recording to work on my foscam FI8910W cams. It works for my panasonic cams, with "network device" selected in the Audio Input pop-up under the Cam Settings Audio tab,. But under the Foscam's Audio tab, the Audio Source pop-up only lists my Mac audio sources (and if I select one it indeed records audio from my Mac rather than the cam). Yet audio plays fine in the Web interface (using the VLC plugin), and also plays on my iPad using the LiveCam app. So the cam audio function is in fact working. But I want SS to record audio, and It seems to not be willing to let me. Is this a limitation of the app?
  • Sorry, SecuritySpy does not support audio from this camera. This would require us to implement the proprietary Microsoft streaming format used by this camera for sending the combined video+audio stream, and we have decided that our development time is best spent on more widely-used standard formats such as RTSP (which newer Foscam cameras support). Please see our list of compatible cameras to see which features are supported by which cameras in SecuritySpy.
  • I saw that the FI9821 is not listed but you noted in your discussions that it is in fact working, so I figured the list is out of date. Can you tell me which Foscams do have audio recording support in SS? The HI9820'is out of production now, but it and the FI8608 (also out of production) are the only Foscams on your list with audio support.
  • The FI9821W does work, but it's not in our camera list because of a particular problem where it loses its connection and requires a restart every now and then (this is being discussed in the other forum thread you refer to). Once Foscam fixes this, we will add it back to our camera list.

    Any camera with RTSP streaming should work in SecuritySpy for video+audio, and the list is kept up to date: the Foscam cameras shown with audio are the only ones we have tested and confirmed to work.
  • Thank you for that explanation.

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