Audio/Video out of sync on captured files.
  • As the title states, my Audio/Video is out of sync on captured files. This has never been the case before the last update. Been using since v3.x. To clarify, the audio is playing back 10-20 seconds ahead of the video. Any ideas on what I can check? Also, web server stopped working even though it shows green.

    SS 5.2.6
    MacOS 10.15.7
    2017 4K iMac. 3.4 GHz 8 GB
  • This isn't a known issue, and nothing relevant has changed on this front in the latest update, so the best course of action is to email us and include an example file for us to analyse. If the file is more than a few MB, please use to send it to us.

    In terms of remote access, please go through the troubleshooting steps outlined in this FAQ: I'm unable to access my system remotely - how can I troubleshoot this? If this doesn't resolve the problem, please let us know by email and we will help you directly with this.

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