Future Wish Features.....
  • Hi Ben, i got a couple of wishes, hope you can implent them if you like the idea ;)

    1. Browser should automatically update on every loading.

    2. I would like to have the "Actual Time" in the browser too, like the date.

    3. The date should automatically change to the actual date.

    Just some wishes from me, thanks Ben!

  • Thanks for your suggestions. I understand and agree with the first one. However with the others:

    2. The browser does already show the actual time, both below-left of the video display, and in the timeline under the video display. What exactly do you mean by this?

    3. It's not clear to me that the Browser should automatically change its settings without user input, I think this would be counter-intuitive for users.
  • Since SS already supports PTZ (using two PTZ Dahua's here), could a preset "tour" be added? Would be much easier to use than having to go to another piece of software to initiate.

  • My biggest request would be two way audio for ONVIF cameras. This has come up before and I believe it may be scheduled for a future update IIRC.
  • Hi Ben, nice to hear from you.

    2: The browser don't show the actual time if you ask me. In the browser there's a timeline yes, but its not updated to the actual time. It only shows where i stopped cue events in the timeline?.

    3. I really think that it would be innovative if the browser would load as updated browser, instead of manual fiddling? When i go to the browser i want see the latest status of all cameras. It's annoying to have to do that everytime i check the browser?

    And, i think its strange that the browser ain't updating the actual date? Why must i first check what date it is, and then manually choose the right date of that day? It should be done automatically, so that everything is syncron to date and time.

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