Returning "Sunba Illuminati" (Smart Tracking) Not that Smart after All!
  • Hi,

    I just want to write about my (BAD) experiences with the "Sunba Illuminati" (Smart Tracking) camera sold on

    I did order the camera to expand my setup of 7 static cameras with a good PTZ with 25 x auto zoom and Tracking features so i did order the "Sunba Illuminati" with Smart Tracking. After 6 weeks i am returning the camera because it can't do any prober Tracking as the company Sunbatech claims on its site and on the net.

    The first impressions was positive when unpacking the PTZ, nice looking and solid, looks like it could be the right camera for me i thought. After testing the cam i did mount it on our house to do some Tracking.

    To my surprise the configuration of the camera was a "Nightmare"!. I am on a new 2020 Mac Mini with SS5 (User since SS4-4 years) and my setup is running pretty nice. Setting up the camera i SS5 is a breeze via Onvif.

    But configuration of the camera itself was almost impossible and a big pain to do. No matter how you try to set it up it will do its own job filming moving threes, skys, walls anything other than "Smart Tracking". There's mainly no working software for the cam! Even on windows the only working solution for me was to use internet explorer (slow and not a solution), even VMS and others wont work. I am now so tired of the camera that i will return it to amazon on monday. I will look for another PTZ cam that can do prober tracking, if you have any tips for me it would be great to hear from you. At the moment i am thinking about a Dahua or Hikvision PTZ in the 500-1000 euro price tag.

    Kind Regards

  • Update, found my new camera. I will order the:

    from they got really good prices on Hikvision cameras, ask for project prices, just a tip! ;)
  • The Hikvision looks great - please report back on your experience of this once you have it installed.
  • Okay, i will do a review ;)

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