Is there a way to have it outline what caused the motion detection, when emails you JPGs?
  • I have it set to send me a bunch of still JPGs when motion occurs. Sometimes I get them and they look exactly the same to me - no motion is visible. Is it possible to have it outline in red the area that it thought was moving, so that we have some idea of what fooled it (to adjust mask or settings)?
  • This is not currently possible in the images sent by email.

    However, in the latest SecuritySpy version 5.2.5, you can determine this information via the Browser feature, if you have the appropriate "Movie search metadata" options enabled under Preferences > Cameras > Triggers. In the Browser, from the menu at the top of the window, select the "All Motion Events" option, and you will see a list of events on the left. Click on an event to see its location in the video feed. Likewise, if you are using SecuritySpy's AI object detection feature, there are options here to view just Human or Vehicle events.

    As for the emails, note that it's only the first image attached to the email that necessarily has something moving in it - subsequent images are captured and attached to the email at the fixed rate specified under Preferences > Email, whether they contain motion or not.

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