Unable to add all cameras from SS Server
  • I cannot add all cameras from SS Server to a couple of my clients. Instead of cameras adding, I am getting what appears to be a http response "1.1 200 OK", "data/ss", etc. Both server and clients are running SS 5.2.4, SSL. Oddly, a 4.x client works for adding all cameras. Manually adding works. Could use some help fixing this handy feature.
  • Sorry about this, it's a bug in SecuritySpy version 5.2.4. This is now fixed in the latest 5.2.5 version, available from the SecuritySpy download page and in-app via the "Check for Updates" option in the SecuritySpy menu. The bug is on the client side, but if you are running 5.x on both client and server then you may as well update both.
  • Confirmed fixed. Thanks!

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