Not recording motion
  • Since updating to version 5.2.4. on High Sierra I am not getting and video or images recorded or sent in response to motion although I man getting auto alerts. I have enabled motion capture on the cameras, verified the email setup but I am not getting emails of captured images.. I know this isn't much info but don't know where to turbot next. My other license is running 4.2.12. on Sierra
  • This must be a settings issue. Some things to check are as follows:

    - Make sure the Motion Capture and Actions mode are "armed". You do this by setting the cameras to a schedule such as "Armed 24/7" or some other custom schedule that you configured. In the Camera Info window, you should see orange or red "MC" and "A" indicators to confirm this.

    - Check the capture destination(s) under Preferences > Storage and Preferences > Cameras > Setup to make sure they are either set to the default location, or that any custom location you have set is valid.

    - Make sure the drive(s) to which SecuritySpy is capturing files have enough free space.

    - Check the log file (File menu in SecuritySpy > Open Log) to see if there are any errors described there relating to email or recording.

    If this doesn't resolve the issue, please email us and include screenshots of all relevant settings, as well as the log file, and we'll check everything and advise further.
  • My stupid...I had motion scheduled but no action.... Have both scheduled and the old reliability is back. Thanks!!
  • Great to hear it was something simple!

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