Just bought the UniFi Protect G4 Doorbell.
  • I really have been waiting for something that can do RTSP as Ring, while it works, also ties me into their ecosystem. The doorbell was in stock today, so I grabbed one.

    Anyone using it here? Thinking it'll work, but maybe I bought a $200 paperweight?
  • I just bought one today too. There’s no reason it shouldn’t work. But you need to set it up with the UniFi Protect software first to be able to enable RTSP.
  • Cool, keep me posted. I'm not sure how fast I'll be rushing to get it installed. I need to think about notifications and some other "Ring-like" features. Might have to do some Control4 work on the notification side.
  • This looks like a nice device and should work with SecuritySpy. When you set it up, there should be an option to set its mode to "UniFi Video" or "Standalone" - it must be set to Standalone in order to work with SecuritySpy.

    Then use SecuritySpy's "Ubiquiti UniFi" profile under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device when adding the camera.

    Please both report back once you have had a chance to test this.
  • Ben.. I’d imagine this would work with SS even if it wasn’t in Stand Alone mode just by adding it’s RTSP stream from the unifi protect server, wouldn’t you think? That’s how I do it with my existing unifi cameras.. I hope it can anyway cos when these bad boys are available in Europe I’m getting one and I need it in Unifi Protect to work with HomeBridge!
  • Hi @durosity, yes as far as I know you are correct. In UniFi Video mode, you can't stream to SecuritySpy directly from the camera, but you can stream from the NVR.

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