Feature Requests
  • Security Spy is really lacking on motion detection features, especially when you compare it to similar free software out there. Not to mention I have $40 Chinese cameras that have more motion detection features than Security Spy does. Is better motion detection being worked on?

    1) Trip Wires. Security Spy really should already have this if my $40 Chinese camera has it built in.
    2) Multiple Motion Detection Zones. Having to add a camera 4 times to have 4 different zones is not a good user experience. And again, my $40 Chinese camera has multiple detection zones built in.
    3) Motion or Video Masks per PTZ preset. I should be able to set motion and video masks for individual PTZ presets.
    4) Facial Recognition. This is more advanced, but it's not impossible to have the ability to train it to recognize individual people. There is also free NVR software out there that can do this.

    I love Security Spy, but I'm hoping we can get some of these features soon, especially considering the comparatively high cost of Security Spy compared to other software out there. To be $700 deep into a software purchase and have free software out there that has more capabilities in some way is quite frustrating.
  • I don't think it's fair to say that SecuritySpy is lacking on motion detection features. Its main feature in this regard is Smart motion detection powered by AI, which uses neural networks that have been trained on hundreds of thousands of real CCTV images and are therefore very accurate. You won't find this in free software or cheap cameras.

    You are right that SecuritySpy currently lacks specific features such as tripwire and multiple zones. While these would be nice add-ons (and we'll look at adding them in the future), they are not features that are often requested by customers, and as such I don't think they would be widely used. In SecuritySpy we have concentrated on motion detection features that are simple to use, easy to understand, and that work extremely well at what they are designed to do.

    Your idea of separate motion masks per PTZ preset is a good one, and we'll look at adding this.

    As for facial recognition, this would be nice for the future, however the technology is just not very accurate at the moment, especially with CCTV where the images can be low-light, and the subjects can be far from the camera. We don't want to implement features that don't work well, as this would reflect badly on the software.

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