Synology RS as capture drive ?
  • If we go with SS I'm thinking that we'd allocate capture space on a Synology RS3618xs. This and the 3 mac mini's running SS would be connected via 10g each through a couple of Ubiquity Switch Pro 48's. Generally this provides better throughput (according to Black Magic Disk Tool) than a USB3/Thunderbolt connection to an OWC drive. In this case however the SS Mac Mini's will be on a separate VLANs so I assume some minor bit of extra processing but not sure if enough to cause problems.

    We'd likely have 20 cameras on the main system, and 6 each on the other two all storing to the Synology. Most will be 2mp though a few will be 4 or 8. Generally motion activated though during some production sessions we'd have 3 studio cameras recording full time (lawyers!).


  • Where practical, we normally prefer Thunderbolt/USB-3 rather than NAS as a method of attaching storage. There is simply less to go wrong with a local bus than a network connection.

    However, if you need a very large amount of storage, or you want to save data from multiple sources to the same place, then NAS is the logical solution, and the setup you are proposing is top quality. Synology NAS devices are excellent, as are Ubiquity switches. Another thing the NAS is good at is redundancy (e.g. the SHR-2 format gives you 2-drive fault tolerance), which sounds like something you will need.

    So in your case this seems like an appropriate solution and one that should work well.

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