Server/Client Setup of SS5
  • Hi Ben and all,

    Question: I have a Mac mini 2014/2015 which was my desktop computer/SS server. I just got my new Mac mini 2020. As I don't need all the "power" for the SS server, I kept SS5 on the old Mac mini (i.e SERVER) and made my desktop a standalone without SS. I did install SS5 on it and have it set up as a client, connecting to the SERVER so I can view the cameras. Question: is there a way to set up captured file viewing, from the SERVER, on the client? I shared the directory to the server, but it didn't populate the captured files on the client side of SS5. Has anyone tried doing this? Is it possible?

    Thanks for your help! Enjoying SS5!
  • Sorry, this is not possible in SecuritySpy itself on the client Mac. You can use SecuritySpy on the client for live viewing of video, but not for viewing the server's captured footage - for that, you will need to use a web browser (e.g. Safari) on the client Mac.

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