Sharx Security firmware update broke SecuritySpy connectibility
  • I have several Sharx SCNC cameras on WiFi and two HTNC2404 POE cameras on the latest version of SecuritySpy on Mac OS 10.15

    Yesterday I updated the firmware on the HTNC cameras, and can no longer connect to SecuritySpy. It tells me I have the wrong username or password. I can still access both cameras via web using the same credentials that SS says are incorrect. I've tried removing the cameras and starting new, but no joy.

    Is anyone else using this series of Sharx cameras and have a suggestion? The wifi cameras are all older on different firmware,and work fine. I'm contacting Sharx as well, but I thought I'd ask here in case someone else has had this problem.

  • Hi Steve, this does sound like a firmware bug, but here are a few things to try:

    - Try both the "Sharx" and the "ONVIF" profiles in SecuritySpy under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device to see if one works but not the other (make sure to click the "Apply Preferences" button after you make a change.

    - If the password has any non-alphanumeric characters, try removing them (you shouldn't have to, but we have seen problems with this in the past).

    - If the password is unusually long, try a shorter one (again, you shouldn't have to use short passwords, but we have seen some cameras have problems with long passwords, so it's worth a try).

    Any luck?

  • Further to my previous message, we have discovered that Sharx has changed the RTSP requests for their newer HTNC camera lineup. Therefore, the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 5.2.3b13) now has separate "Sharx SCNC" and "Sharx HTNC" profiles for the two camera lines, each with the appropriate requests that the respective cameras should understand. Please test this and let me know if this works with your cameras.

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