Samsung DVR camera system and SecuritySpy
  • I recently moved into a home that has a Samsung DVR security camera system. I think it might be this:

    I'm wondering if I can convert this into a more useful system and pipe the cameras into SecuritySpy. The cameras connect to the DVR box with BNC connectors, so I'm imagining to get these cameras into SecuritySpy would necessitate a capture card of some kind.

    Is this possible? Thank you for your advice.
  • These look like analog cameras, and it is possible to use a suitable analog-to-digital converter to get analog feeds into SecuritySpy, however note the following:

    - Do the cameras have separate power connections, or is the power transmitted over the BNC cables? If the power is separate, then the feeds will be standard analog feeds. If the power is transmitted over the cable, then this makes the feeds non-standard, and they may not work with other hardware. For standard analog feeds, an Axis video server is the best option, for example the Axis P7304 (there is a full list of video servers you can use in the Appendix - List of Video Encoders section of the SecuritySpy Installation Manual).

    - Analog cameras provide very poor quality video by today's standards. The resolution is severely limited (around 0.3 MP) and the video is interlaced, leading to artefacts around moving objects. Therefore, I would strongly suggest that you consider replacing all the cameras with modern, multi-megapixel, IP cameras. This may be a bit painful initially in terms of cost and installation, but you will end up with a far superior system.
  • Today I learned more about the system. You are right, the quality is crap. I think it is just NTSC resolution.
    Is too bad this system does not use ethernet. That would be nice to re-purpose the wire runs.

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