Larger image for creating/editing motion/trigger masks
  • I run SecuritySpy on an iMac 27". When editing preferences. pane to create or modify the motion trigger masks, the preview of the camera view where the tiny pencil graphic icon is used to click on individual squares to toggle them as included or excluded is very small.

    Maybe a "first world problem", but I would like a option for a larger zoomed-up editing view. Maybe double-click on the video preview and it opens up in a larger editing window?

    I've tried brute-force changing my system screen resolution, but that is a real PITA and it still doesn't get a much larger view that is easier to click on the individual "checkerboard" elements in the mask editor.
  • Would welcome that.
  • Wholeheartedly endorse this feature as well
  • OK, we have implemented this in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 5.2.2b3). There is now a button next to the video previews that you can press to make them larger, allowing easier creation of masks. Please all test this ( @Spiv @meatsuit @msy ) and confirm that it works as expected.
  • Nice!

    Just tried the beta - I like the improvement. Any chance of zooming up even bigger?

    On my iMac, it still only uses about 25% of the display so a lot of space is still available for a large image.

    Can you just allow the "cameras" entire window to be made full screen with the window control green circle in the upper left? That would zoom the window to size of the monitor and allow for maximum screen use for whatever the current monitor is?
  • Glad you like the improvement. We can't really enlarge the video preview any further (or allow the window to go full screen) without major changes to the Preferences window, so this is unlikely to happen, at least in the near future.
  • I'm a fan too - working over here. I also would love it to be even bigger, but for now, it's a great improvement!

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