AI metadata
  • I’ve played with the new AI settings a bit and have had pretty good luck. I do feel like there is more I can get out of them though. I tried creating the desktop folder to see what values were being assigned by AI and that was certainly informative, but it created some issues with my iCloud sync of my desktop. I had a couple thoughts/suggestions - I think one was mentioned in another thread, which was to allow a custom path for that directory. I was also thinking it could be nice if there was a way to associate some metadata with a motion capture clip in security spy so I could see - after motion has been detected and captured- what the assigned values were. From there I could adjust as needed.
  • The latest version of SecuritySpy will also look for a "SS AI Predictions" folder in the SecuritySpy folder (within your Home folder), so this is a better place to put it to avoid the iCloud sync issue.

    Yes, we are planning to add this metadata to the captured movie files, mainly to allow some useful search functions (e.g. "show me all humans captured by camera X today"), and maybe we can also display this info somewhere (e.g. when playing back footage in the Browser).
  • Good stuff! I’ll give that a try with the predictions folder in the new location and am looking forward to the metadata down the road!

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