Using AI Motion detection to reduce triggers caused my rain?
  • One of my camera is very exposed, and so at night in heavy rain the motion sensor is almost always active, in that it's constantly recording based on motion detection.

    The camera in question has IR, and this light seems to be bouncing off the rain and registering as movement.

    I wonder if the Ai feature can be used to reduce this?

    I have attempted to understand the AI settings, but entirely failed!
  • Yes, the AI features should dramatically cut down or even eliminate these false-positives detections.

    The first step would be making sure your basic motion detection settings are optimum. This would normally be a sensitivity of around 50 and a trigger time of 1-2s (in this case I would recommend 2s to reduce the triggering by the rain).

    Then, how you use the AI settings depends on whether you want to detect humans or vehicles (or both), and whether you want the AI to trigger Motion Capture or Actions (or both).

    For example, if you want to detect humans only, and you want this to apply to Motion Capture only (i.e. you aren't using Actions), then under Preferences -> Cameras -> Triggers, under "AI: trigger Motion Capture at these prediction thresholds", drag the Human slider to 80.

    If you also want to detect vehicles, then also drag the Vehicle slider to 80.

    If you also want the AI to apply to Actions, then mirror the above AI settings for the Actions AI sliders.

    Please let me know if any of these isn't clear, of if you need any further info.
  • That's great. Thanks.

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