PTZ Presets keep resetting
  • Anyone else having problems with their PTZ presets resetting after a few days? I assign all the positions in the PTZ drawer but they become completely unresponsive after a few days.
  • The way the presets work is that SecuritySpy issues commands such as "save current position as preset 1" and "go to preset 1"; the actual movement and locations of the presets are the camera's responsibility to perform, store and recall. So if these are being forgotten after a few days, then I'm afraid it's your camera's fault.

    The first thing to do would be to check for updated firmware from the manufacturer of your camera. If this doesn't fix it, it might be worth contacting the manufacturer to see what they suggest.
  • Hmmm, its a very strange thing. The camera retains the original settings from before I even purchased and started using SecuritySpy. The camera's firmware is up to date... It is a cheapo chinese camera though, so unreliability I guess should be expected.

    Thanks for your reply.
  • Just a thought; maybe SecuritySpy sets the PTZ positions but my camera stores it to a cache or something? As I said, the original camera PTZ settings are still there and work fine... they are in fact different than the ones I have set since. Its strange that they don't revert to at least those positions rather than just becoming completely unresponsive. Conflict detection or something? Gremlins?
  • I've had a few problems with PTZ memory as well. It had stopped working when I installed Catalina and now has started working again - probably after an update. I have a Reolink camera.

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