unable to set the ddns name
  • Hi-

    When setting up Internet access, I get the above including
    'server resource limit reached or timed out'
    Firewall ports are open.

    Any ideas?

  • Hi Mark, as far as I can tell there is no problem on our side.

    Firstly, make sure you are using the latest release of SecuritySpy: either version 5 or version 4.

    Does the Mac in question have a working Internet connection?

    The only other thing that could stop this from working is some kind of connection-blocking software, such as "Little Snitch". Do you have any such software installed on your Mac?
  • I am seeing the same thing. Recent change to my internet connection was to enable IPv6. Various IPV6 test sites show ipv6 connectivity is working, and ipv4 connectivity continues to work as well. However, the Test button for DDNS fails as above. However, I'm not sure it was working before either. I've only been able to access SecuritySpy on the local intranet. Could be an issue with my EERO that routes to the internet.
  • The "server resource limit reached" message is a temporary server issue. Usually this is the result of heavy load or temporary problems with the DNS service that we use for this feature, which appears to be the case right now unfortunately. Usually this resolves itself after a short time, so please wait and try again later. If you are still seeing this problem tomorrow then please let me know and I will investigate further.
  • Yes, it is working today. I notice that it only publishes an ipv4 address, even though it is theoretically reachable through ipv6. I don't see SecuritySpy listening on tcp6 however. It listed on tcp4 and tcp46, which presumably is an ipv4 over ipv6 encapsulattion.

    balsup@mini ~ % netstat -an | fgrep 8001
    tcp46 0 0 *.8001 *.* LISTEN
    tcp4 0 0 *.8001 *.* LISTEN
    balsup@mini ~ %

    This is the only entry marked tcp46. Otherwise there are several listeners for tcp4 and several for tcp6.
  • SecuritySpy listens on both IPv4 and IPv6 (the entry "tcp46" indicates a "dual-stack" socket, which is one that can listen on both v4 and v6 - but SecuritySpy uses this for v6 only).

    However our DDNS system currently supports v4 only. We'll look at adding v6 in the future when it becomes necessary, but for now basically no one is asking for this.
  • Im getting the same. I've not made any changes recently and have had the account for quite a few years, but no remote access yesterday or today
  • Hi @evansgo our server was experiencing the "server resource limit reached" problem for a few hours yesterday unfortunately. This is being caused by some issue with the DNS server, or the routing between our server and the DNS server (our server contains the DDNS database, and it communicates with the DNS server to actually set the domain names). We're investigating, but at the moment it's working.
  • I've been having these same DDNS problems intermittently for weeks now. Prevents my mobile access over LTE and it seems to cause a problem with my Google WiFi system. When I enter "Viewcam.me" in my Safari browser, I get redirected to BenSoftware.com.
    It's all very odd and unpredictable. Please investigate. It will work for several days and then go out again with no related network changes at my end. Thanks!
  • Hi @Warren, we are currently investigating the problem with our hosting provider, but please note the following:

    - The issue under investigation is the temporary "server resource limit reached" issue when setting the DDNS name, which is a temporary problem (lasting not longer than a few hours) which we have seen three times in the last couple of weeks.

    - Even when this happens, the name.viewcam.me addresses still do work. The problem is with updating of the the addresses, not using them. Due to the fact that your IP address should not change frequently (usually, only when you reboot your router), it's unlikely that the issue under investigation would cause any downtime in the access to your SecuritySpy system.

    - It is normal for viewcam.me to redirect to bensoftware.com, this is intentional. Instead, in order to access your own server, you need to use your own name.viewcam.me domain with the correct port, for example https://name.viewcam.me:8001

    - There is no way that the current problem with the DDNS system could affect your Google WiFi system in any way. If you are having problems with your Google WiFi system, this must be due to something else (e.g. signal problems etc.) and this could be the thing that is causing your downtime.
  • I'm experiencing the same issue. What is the expectation for a solution?
  • Hi @pcgaasbeek we haven't experienced any DDNS server issues or downtime for the past two weeks, since we moved the whole system to a new upgraded server. If you are still having any problems with this, please email support@bensoftware.com and include a screenshot of the message you are seeing.

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