Error Report: Motion-triggered emails are being sent too frequently; how to decrease the frequency?
  • Hi, I got that above error message when our lawn guys were over yesterday mowing and kicking off motion detection left and right. I'm using the relay service for now, but will probably change to my SMTP server linked to my email.

    However, I'm curious as to how one could reduce the frequency of the emails, as was suggested in the error report? I looked all around preferences, etc and couldn't figure out how to limit the emails.

    Thanks in advance
  • When sending emails via our relay service, SecuritySpy allows up to 15 emails per 30 minute period, in order to even out the server load and ensure good performance for all users. If this is happening due to a high number of false-positive detections, you should adjust your motion detection parameters to reduce this (see our blog posts How To Achieve Effective Motion Detection and Optimising SecuritySpy’s AI Object Detection).

    However if you are exceeding this limit due to some temporary activity, your options are as follows:

    • If this doesn't happen often, simply ignore this error. Emails will resume after the current 30-minute period.
    • Use the "Schedule Override" function in SecuritySpy to temporarily disable Actions (including emails)
    • Instead of our email relay service, use your own SMTP server.
  • Thanks, that is very helpful info

    Yes, it was just temporary while our lawn was getting mowed

    I'll see if I can find that schedule override feature and try it out

    Thanks again
  • Great. Schedule Overrides are covered in the Getting Started section of the user manual.

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