FFMPEG to compress/resize motion clips
  • This is not a final ffmpeg conversion that I'll use, but

    ffmpeg -i SECURITYSPY-GENERATED-MOTION-CLIP.m4v -vf scale=920:-1 -c:v libx264 -preset veryslow -crf 30 output.mp4

    It works, but there is no thumbnail on the Security Spy's web server. Anyone have any ideas?

    (I'd like to do this because the motion clips currently are ~13MB each, and I can get them down to 700k, which drastically increases load time).
  • I solved the issue. The input filename (SS's filename) and the output filename have to be identical (as the preview image is looking for the same filename as well).

    As ffmpeg cannot output the same filename, I'm assuming the shell script will be something like and trigger with launchd:

    - compress and resize original motion clip using ffmpeg
    - save as temp filename
    - delete original file
    - rename temp to original

    I would love separate compression / dimension settings for motion clips. I think full resolution, high frame rate clips for continuous capture is great, then smaller, compressed motion clips would act as quick loading references. I'm reducing the file sizes by ~95%, and I can still make out the motion clips. Currently, continuous and motion are exported defined by one setting, which is causing this issue for me. Thanks.
  • Glad to hear you worked this out. One possible workaround to achieve what you want would be to pull in two streams from the camera as two separate camera instances: one full-res, which you can record continuously, and one low-res, which you can record using motion detection. However the disadvantage of this is that it counts as two cameras for licensing purposes.

    Another thing you may not be aware of: SecuritySpy offers low-bandwidth movie downloads, which are generated on-the-fly from the actual files. These are available via the "LQ" links in the web server. In the SecuritySpy iOS app, there is a setting that determines whether the HQ or LQ files are used, based on whether the device is connected to WiFi or not.

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