Completely disable the Webcam Video Windows that automatically appear on error.
  • Is there any way to disable permanently the "All Camera" windows that appear automatically on camera disconnection?

  • The "All Cameras" window does not automatically open upon camera disconnection.

    There is an option in the Actions section to open individual cameras windows when motion is detected, also an "Errors" window can pop up to display errors - are you referring to either of these things?
  • I have all disabled but randomly I find my Mac with the All windows camera window in front.

    (I think when my cam disconnect from the network for some minute).

    What can I do?

  • Solved with every minute scheduled "tell application "SecuritySpy" to close main video window"

  • When SecuritySpy has no windows open, and you click its icon in the Dock (or double-click on its application icon in the Finder), it will then automatically open the All Cameras window. Do you think this could be what is happening?

    This behaviour is recommended by Apple, to avoid confusion when users click an app icon in the Dock and nothing happens.
  • I've never had this happen when my cams disconnect.

    I have SS set up with just the camera info window - no need to have feeds open as the SS server isn't where the streams are monitored from.

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