++systeminfo parameter question
  • These events relate to camera motion detection settings:

    < md_enabled>yes
    < md_sensitivity>50
    < md_triggertime_x2>2
    < md_capture>yes
    < md_capturefps>4
    < md_precapture>10
    < md_postcapture>10
    < md_captureimages>no
    < md_uploadimages>no
    < md_recordaudio>yes
    < md_audiotrigger>no
    < md_audiothreshold>50

    But what are these?

    < tl_capture>no
    < tl_recordaudio>no

    I was actually looking for settings for these camera settings:

    Prefs > Camera > Continuous Capture > Image Capture (bool/int)
    Prefs > Camera > Continuous Capture > Frequency (int)
    Prefs > Camera > Continuous Capture > Upload To (string)

    Do settings relating to continuous capture exist in ++systeminfo?

    If not, can they be added? And then is there a way I could change those settings via a server web call?

    (The use case here would be redundancy via my script - if an FTP server goes offline I could catch that and perhaps change to a backup server - I haven't gone down this road yet though so another question would be, does the event stream throw any kind of status message when an upload is successful or has failed, perhaps similarly to the new FILE event - there could be an UPLOAD event thrown when UPLOAD is complete or fails?)

  • Unfortunately the naming of some of these parameters in the ++systemInfo doesn't quite align with the names in the UI, because a lot has changed over the years with the UI, but we have needed to keep the ++systemInfo parameter names constant for backwards compatibility.

    The parameters that start "tl_" do refer to Continuous Capture (as this used to be called Timelapse Capture in old versions of SecuritySpy). They can be changed via an HTTP POST to /camerasettings - have a look at the source code for the camerasettings page (i.e. click the Camera Settings button on the front page, then view the source code of the resulting page). However this is not designed to be a public API, so it is mostly undocumented, and subject to change.

    The event stream will report all errors, including errors related to FTP uploads.

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