Swapping out Time Capsule - lose cameras
  • Hi Ben,

    Hoping to get a bit of your advice on some network issues I'm having. You have been such a great help in the past.

    This weekend I was replacing some of the hardware that I have in my setup along with updating my SS. I updated my SS and my mac mini that is running it as the Mac mini was very old. That update went by much more easily than I was expecting so thanks so much for that!

    My old setup had two time capsules. One Time Capsule (#1) was used for most of my home traffic and had all of the port forwarding on it. This Time Capsule was connected to the modem. The other Time Capsule (#2) was then connected through cable to Time Capsule #1. Time Capsule #2 was then connected either through wifi or cable to all of my cameras that each are set to a static IP as well as the mac mini. The Time Capsule #2 was set to Bridge mode. Time Capsule #2 was used so that I could have all of the camera traffic on one network on not bog down my home Wifi.

    Time Capsule #1 started to have some issues and needed to be replaced so I bought some of the Linksys Velop nodes. It was pretty easy to set these up to replace Time Capsule #1. I was not able to get the port forwarding working well but I figured I would be able to work that out better later.

    Once I had the new mac mini with updated SS and the Velop nodes replacing Time Capsule #1 and everything was working I decided to unplug the mac mini and Time Capsule #2 to put them in a more accessible place. When I plugged them back in and started them up I could no longer see any of the cameras. Not even ones that are connected through ethernet will show up in SS or through my web browser. I'm wondering if power cycling Time Capsule #2, it lost some IP address or something?

    I can still connect to the internet through the new wifi network of the Velop as well as the camera network from Time Capsule #2.

    Thanks for any guidance you can give me!
  • What addresses are you using for your cameras in SecuritySpy - are they bare IP addresses (four numbers separated by dots), or ONVIF addresses (starting "uuid:"), or Bonjour addresses (ending ".local")?

    If they are IP addresses, then your cameras must each be set up with manual (static) IP addresses on your local network. If not, then these can change (especially if the router is rebooted or changed).

    ONVIF and Bonjour addresses should simply continue to work. In this situation, your cameras should be getting their IP addresses automatically from your router (the new Velop) via DHCP. If Time Capsule 2 is in Bridge mode (which is the correct configuration) then it isn't doing anything like handing out IP addresses, so moving it should not have any effect.

    Could you please clarify exactly how things are connected now that you have moved things around? Ideally, you want one central Ethernet switch/hub into which all devices are connected (see our blog post about network topology).

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