7/10/19 red line, system failure
  • Was out of the county last week and enjoying the remote visual monitoring features of SecuritySpy until 7/10/19. At midnight on this date the system stopped working. On return home today I found that recording features were intact until 7/9/19 at midnight EST (New York). From that time until approximately 14:20 on 7/10/19 all cameras recorded a red line on the progress bar in the browser. After that the entire system appears to have crashed. At a minimum an interpretation of the "red line" on the progress bar would be appreciated. I expect Ben probably will know this off hand. A picture of the SS screen is included here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0aJjWoEyOCKc1NEYWE2ellvUGY2RXJ1bWFMQ01RSnFyVUZj/view?usp=sharing Thanks for any insight.
  • The red line in the Browser means the file could not be read, or it could just mean that the Browser needs a rescan (Browser menu -> Rescan). So it's not clear exactly what this could mean in your case. The best indicator of specific problem encountered by SecuritySpy is the log file (File menu -> Open Log).

    However if your whole Mac crashed, this sounds like a kernel panic. In this case you might see a log related to this in the /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports folder (you can view these via the Console app).

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