SS5 AI/False positives
  • Just upgraded to SS5. Was very excited about this version as I thought it would finally reduce/eliminate constant false positives I'm getting from shadows from the trees in my front yard.

    To my disappointment, it seems not to be working. Sensitivity at 50, and IA (Motion Capture) is at 100, but it still keeps getting triggered by shadows and waving tree branches. Am I setting the threshold incorrectly, or is it still reacting to false positives?
  • This doesn't sound right - at a threshold of 100, you should barely get any captures.

    Note that we have released a new version of SecuritySpy that fixes some problems with the vehicle detector, so please make sure you are on the latest version (using the "Check For Update" option via the SecuritySpy menu).

    Also, this blog post should provide some useful information: Optimising SecuritySpy’s AI Object Detection.

    If you are still having problems, please email us, and include some images from the "SS AI Predictions" folder to demonstrate. Please also send a screenshot of your trigger settings.
  • I am also considering an upgrade to V5 (lots and lots of tree shadows moving in the wind). Can you tell me if you were able to resolve this problem ? Thanks!

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