SecuritySpy iOS app and V5 H.265
  • Hi...

    Was wondering if SecuritySpy iOS app works with Security Spy H.265. And if I should upgrade to V5 if I want to use the mobile app. If the two are not compatible yet, is there another mobile camera app that can handle H.265?

    Thanks for your help!
  • SecuritySpy v5 and our SecuritySpy iOS app are fully compatible.

    Currently, the iOS app cannot receive live video in H.265 format - only JPEG and H.264 format. This isn't too much of a disadvantage, as H.264 is still a very efficient codec, and is a good compromise between bandwidth and CPU time required to generate. With H.265, it's likely that it would use significant CPU power on the server to produce (certainly much more than H.264), leading to potential server performance issues.
  • Thanks...

    I'm trying to decide if I should turn the H.265 format on for my cameras. My primary usage is Security Spy tying into my Inigo-based home automation system hosted on a 2018 Mac mini.

    With that in mind, is there a reason why I might want to turn on my camera's and macOS Security Spy H.265 on? To me, the iOS version of SS is not totally necessary as I can get my camera's streams through my Indigo iOS app.

    Thanks again for your thoughts.
  • The format of the live stream that is being received from the cameras is independent from the format of the live stream that is sent out to the iOS app for remote viewing.

    So, if your cameras do support H.265, then it's probably best to switch them to this format, as it will give you lower network bandwidth and smaller captured files. This has no bearing on the live video being sent to the iOS app.

    The captured files themselves can be played back by the iOS app, whether they have been recorded with either H.264 or H.265 format video.

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