Clarification Requested - SSL certificates version 5 — Namecheap —> Let’s Encrypt
  • Hi Ben,

    I've upgraded to Version 5 from Version 4.xx. I’ve been using an SSL certificate from as previously recommended for version 4 to access SecuritySpy remotely. The current certificate from Namecheap expires this October.

    Now that I’m using Version 5, has the transition to a Let’s Encrypt cert already occurred? Do I need to do anything like change the name of the server in Preferences? Or does the new Version 5 do everything automatically behind the scenes and does the transition from having my own 2 year cert to a Let’s Encrypt free cert occur without any intervention on my part? Can I use the same server name?

    When Namecheap contacts me to renew my cert before it expires in October, do I just ignore it?

    Thanks, in advance, for clarifying this.
  • Yes, SecuritySpy 5 now supports automatic generation of official certificates via Let's Encrypt. This is generated using the DDNS address you set up in SecuritySpy ( so all you have to do is enable the HTTPS service and set a DDNS name, and SecuritySpy 5 does the rest for you automatically.

    However, a user-supplied certificate will override this. So in order to switch to the Let's Encrypt certificate, you will need to remove your custom certificate from the SecuritySpy folder that resides in your Home folder.

    Once you are all set up with the Let's Encrypt certificate, you can simply let your Namecheap certificate lapse.

    Hope this helps.
  • Ben, thank you, that does help. I'm going to remove my "user-supplied" certificate from the SecuritySpy folder. I'm going to keep the same DDNS name that I've been using. (I'm assuming that is OK.)

    Hopefully, there will be no snags.

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