iOS SecuritySpy App with v5
  • We have noticed since v5 upgrade, the iOS app frequently asks for user/pass authentication, and today it stopped making connections altogether. We found that you can workaround this issue by removing the IP address from the iOS, then adding a new site. It will show the cameras, but upon reload, it says it cannot connect (repeating this process works).

    At first I thought my VPN or firewall was blocking it, but found with testing that it's just the iOS app. Any ideas?
  • We've had good luck on iOS and Apple TV. Maybe delete the app and preferences and reinstall?
  • There are no known issues with our iOS app and SecuritySpy version 5.

    Are you connecting using a VPN? If so, please see this section in the SecuritySpy app user guide: Connecting Over a VPN

    Does this resolve the problem?
  • Yes, it did. And my other problem. Disabling the advertising fixed it. Thank you!
  • I just upgraded to 5.2.2 and upon entering my user info & key, I get a message that it is incorrect. It is exactly as it is in the email you sent me.
  • Hi @greg you are posting in a thread about using our iOS app - are you attempting to enter your SecuritySpy license details into our iOS app? Your SecuritySpy license details (name and code) are only for entering into the software, once, in macOS SecuritySpy. Then, in order to connect the iOS app to your SecuritySpy server, you need to create your own web server accounts in SecuritySpy under Preferences -> Web - see our SecuritySpy iOS app user guide for more details.

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