AI doesn't seem to work.
  • I upgraded to v5 last week and played with the AI settings some for my camera that overlooks the driveway and the door leading out to it.

    I had the "Human" motion capture set to OFF.
    I had the "Vehicle" motion capture set to the recommended 85.

    Since I upgraded, that camera hasn't recorded a single video, including the ~20 times I've left, got in my car and drove away, the 2 times a FedEx truck backed into my driveway and unloaded 2 large deliveries, my dragging 2 90 gallon trash receptacles down the driveway this morning, and the time just now I ran out there to chase a raccoon away from my trash cans to then come back inside to see if I had it on video and find out that there were no recordings since the 3rd when I upgraded.

    I just changed the Vehicle setting to 50 to see if that makes a difference, but I thought 85% would be pretty solid, given the size of the FedEx truck in my driveway.

    Humans might be a little harder to detect, given the distance from the camera that the humans would be (ie; -- for what it's worth, with Human set to "Off", nothing recorded when I just walked out there to take that screenshot).

    Other than the AI and upgrading to v5, nothing else has changed in my settings. What should I look at to fix this?
  • As a test, I just went out and tried to see if it'd record with all the AI settings set to "Off".

    It still didn't record anything, so I'm at a loss. It worked prior to the v5 upgrade.
  • I removed and re-added my camera with all AI "Off" and it's back to recording now.

    I'll test with the AI more when I can, but I'd be curious if given the distance from my camera if the "Human" AI will work or not.
  • Same here with AI on sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.
  • We have heard of some isolated problems with the vehicle detection on some systems. We haven't been able to pin this down yet, but we are currently in the process of re-training the neural network from scratch and re-releasing it, in the hopes that this will fix the issue. Stand by for further instructions when this is complete.

    Note that with the vehicle detector turned on and the human detector turned off, SecuritySpy should trigger on ONLY vehicles. With these settings, it will ignore humans.

    With both AI sliders (humans and vehicles) turned off, all motion will trigger recording/actions. In this situation, if you aren't getting any recordings, the problem is probably the schedule that is applied to the camera - you need to set a schedule that arms the camera (e.g. set the "Armed 24/7" schedule).
  • Ben, is there a way to flag obvious errors in human detection at high thresholds? or should we just manually email those images to you?
  • It'd be *really* nice to have a way to have a red bounding box drawn around motion detected, and even nicer to have a (file-per-movie) CSV file with frame number and bounding box(es) per line so we could take the movie and the csv file and see where the motion was detected. It's not always obvious.
  • Anyone having problems with the AI, please can you run this test:

    - Download and install the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 5.0.1b4)
    - Open SecuritySpy, hold Alt, click the File menu
    - From the Debug submenu, choose the Test Classifiers option.

    This tests both classifiers against some example images. Your results should look like this:


    If you see any errors or incorrect classifications reported, please let me know.
  • @gauchers - currently there is no way to provide feedback, but this is something we are considering for a future version of SecuritySpy as it would be a useful way to gather data to improve the algorithm.

    @aandrew - you can see what the AI is "thinking" by creating a folder on your desktop called "SS AI Predictions". If this folder exists, SecuritySpy will save image files of all motion to this folder that are annotated with labelled red boxes indicating the output of the AI algorithms.
  • I've been having the same issues, went several days with no motion detected after upgrading to v5

    here are the results from my Test Classifiers:

    I never had vehicle detection on (i'm more interested in people on my cam than cars driving by) but in my "SS AI Predictions" desktop folder i can see that even passing cars all have 0% Vehicle match

    I've been able to tweak things now to finally get some detection triggered but its no where near as sensitive as it used to be, even with the settings maxed out (low AI probability, around 20, and very high regular sensitivity, around 95).
  • Hi @cheerio apparently the vehicle classifier doesn't exist on your system. This must be because you have not enabled the vehicle AI for any camera, so SecuritySpy hasn't downloaded it yet.

    To get SecuritySpy to download it, enable the vehicle AI for any camera (i.e. move the vehicle slider to any value, under the Triggers tab in the Preferences window). Then click the Apply Preferences button, and then wait a minute or so.

    Then run the classifier test again. Error 2 and classifier version 0 simply means that the classifier files haven't been downloaded yet, so is not really indicative of an actual error. Please let me know the new results.

    There is a new beta (same page as linked to above) that now has a "Rerun" button in the test window, so you can rerun the test (if you don't see a Rerun button you're using the older beta and you'll have to quit and open SS to rerun the test).

    The best settings to use would be a sensitivity of 50-60 and an AI threshold of around 85. If you are not getting good results with these settings, this should be shown by the images in the SS AI Predictions folder so if you could email us some of these images that show a potential problem, we will have a look and advise further.
  • thanks for your response @Ben!

    I had exactly those settings (85 on the AI and about 50 sensitivity) and got absolutely no triggers for several days. But i'll give it another shot, along with the new beta.

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