'Upgrade' link doesn't seem to work
  • I have tried clicking on the link in the email that was sent out, as well as on the website and neither seems to work, it just sits there...
  • That should be this page, which I can't see a problem with:


    Is this the page you are referring to? Are you still having problems with it?
  • That page work, but if I try the link 'https://store.bensoftware.com/store-upgrade' it just hangs....
  • That's strange, because I can't see any problem with that link either. Could you please try quitting and reopening your web browser and trying again? Or if you have a different browser (e.g. Safari vs Chrome) could you try them both?
  • I only have Safari and quitting didn't help. It may be an ad blocker problem, will have a go later - thanks for the quick response
  • Works for me in Safari....

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