Version 5 false motion trigger ?
  • I have set up SecuritySpy to record a seperate movie and images when motion is detected.

    I have set up SecuritySpy on my iPhone to give me a notification when motion is detected.

    Now, I'm trying out the new AI features, and I'm getting a few notifications on my iPhone that motion is detected, however, when I go to the SecuritySpy browser, no motion movie and motion images are present. Also, while reviewing the footage, no humans are present. Only foliage moving.

    The thing that confuses me is that a motion trigger is sent to my iPhone, while no motion is recorded.

    Could it be that a motion trigger is sent to my iPhone before the AI analysis happens ?
    If that is the case, is it possible to only be notified after the AI analysis has happened ?
  • SecuritySpy allows you to set different thresholds (or indeed turn the AI on or off) for Motion Capture and for Actions independently.

    This allows you, for example, to be notified only when there is a human present, but for recordings to be made of everything that moves.

    If you want both notifications AND recording to trigger on humans only, then make sure to set BOTH human sliders to around 85 in the Preferences -> Cameras -> Triggers settings panel.

    If the Browser has already been open before the recordings were made, it probably just requires a rescan to display the files. Select the "Rescan" option from the Browser menu (or command-shift-R on the keyboard).
  • Both human sliders ? Even if I don't use any actions ?

    Do the actions also count as iPhone notifications ? That must be it.

    It makes sense now, I didn't see any mention of iPhone notifications on the actions tab so I thought they were tied in with the motion recording...
  • Yes that's right: iOS notifications are Actions. They are not shown in the Actions tab because there are no configuration options for notifications in macOS SecuritySpy - they are enabled via the iOS app.
  • Maybe we'll make a note of this under the Actions tab to make this clear...

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